Law is not black or white, it's grey


West Palm Beach injury lawyer

Florida Bar board certifiedNeed your problem solved?  Looking for a truthful injury lawyer that doesn't act like a lawyer?  An authentic lawyer who cares about you, the client. Your hopes, dreams, fears, family, career, future and your case. You may be fearful right now. Not know where to turn. A tragic event in Florida may have brought you here. You may need a big problem solved. And you can't do it on your own. You may ask yourself, how do I pick the best personal injury attorney in Florida for my case? A great lawyer that will fight for me. Treat me like they would want to be treated. Who doesn't act like a stuffed-shirt lawyer. Someone I can trust. Who will give me personalized attention. I don't want to get lost in the shuffle. A great lawyer that cares about me, my case and will treat me like family.  An attorney that finds solutions for problems.  One who knows the answers to questions that some others struggle with.


Need a different kind of Florida trial lawyer for your criminal or injury case?  A lawyer's lawyer who has even argued successfully before the Florida Supreme court.  

Read “about” and “philosophy” and see what past clients say about Grey and feel the difference.  We make a difference in people's lives, one client at a time.

- Grey
“Law is not black and white, it's Grey”

West Palm Beach Florida personal injury lawyer board certified criminal trial lawyer  Grey Tesh handles catastrophic injury cases all across Florida. Grey is a different kind of injury lawyer based out of West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Estas buscando a un abogado diferente para un caso penal o una lesión grave?

Un abogado que se preocupa por ti - el cliente. Tus esperanzas, sueños, miedos, familia, carrera, futuro y tu caso. Tu puedes tener miedo en estos momentos. Tu no sabes a dónde acudir. Un trágico evento en la Florida te pudo haber traído aquí. Es posible que tengas un gran problema que necesita ser resuelto. Y tu no puedes hacerlo por tu cuenta. Tu te puedes preguntar, cómo debo elejir el mejor abogado que es el adecuado para mi caso - un abogado de defensa criminal o un abogado de lesiones personales? Uno que va a luchar por mí. Uno que me va a tratar como les gustaría ser tratado. Quien no actúa como un abogado-estirado. Alguien en quien pueda confiar. Quién me va a dar una atención personalizada. No quiero que se pierda en la confusión. Un gran abogado que se preocupa por mí, mi caso y me tratará como familia.

Necesitas un tipo diferente de abogado de la Florida para tu caso penal o una lesión grave?

Lee “about” y “philosophy” y vas a sentir la diferencia.