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To prosecute or not to prosecute that is the question? Federal Marijuana Law

Posted January 23, 2018Blog
To prosecute or not to prosecute that is the question?   Federal prosecutors are going after marijuana cases in states where the drug is legalized. This is due to Jeffrey Sessions consistently opposing the legalization of marijuana. The drug is illegal under federal law, but many states have legalized its use. 28 states have legalized the drug for medical purposes alone. The uncertainty of the situation leaves people questioning if they will be prosecuted under federal law if no state law had been violated. States have regulatory and enforcement systems in place to control the laws and regulations. The Obama administration outlined guidelines to help federal prosecutors determine if they want to prosecute growers and sellers in states where the drug is legalized, and discourages prosecution towards those who have not violated any state laws. Trump’s campaign administration initially stated that he would not interfere with the state marijuana laws, and let the states prosecute as they see fit. Now, Trump’s administration is leaning towards supporting Sessions. Sessions claims that legalization of marijuana is a mistake. Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno, executive director of the Drug and Policy Alliance stated, “Jeff Sessions’ obsession with marijuana prohibition defies logic, threatens successful state-level reforms, and flies in the face of widespread public support for legalization.” If you feel that you were wrongfully charged under federal law without violating state law please contact our office. Federal marijuana lawyer Grey Tesh has handled many federal cases in the past, and can help you.     -Written by Mairim Zalez, Florida License Pending

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I tripped and fell. Who can I sue?

Posted November 17, 2017Blog

I tripped and fell. Who can I sue? If you have tripped on something and fell you may want to know who you can sue. Generally, you can sue the landowner or whoever has possession of the land or...

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What happens when you cannot find the tortfeasor (person at fault) in a car accident case?

Posted November 10, 2017Blog

  Many attorneys have come across the issue of not being able to serve the tortfeasor of an injury case with the summons and complaint. Service notifies the tortfeasor that there is a case being...

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Elder Abuse

Posted October 26, 2017Blog

Elder abuse in nursing homes or private facilities has become a significant social problem. We are here to help victims and their families seek the maximum compensation. We want to help you hold the...

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Who is bullying who?

Posted October 2, 2017Blog

October second is World Day of Bullying Prevention. Bullying affects kids all over the world and is an under-reported problem. Now, with modern technology, we not only have to worry about bullying in schools, but cyberbullying as well. Florida Statute 1006.147 prohibits bullying and harassment in schools towards all students and employees. The statute describes bullying and cyberbullying as systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students and may involve: teasing; social exclusion; threat; intimidation; stalking; physical violence; theft; sexual, religious, or racial harassment; public or private humiliation; or destruction of property. If you see something, say something! Schools typically have programs implemented to educate and prevent bullying. Teachers also take steps to prevent bullying in the physical classroom as well. Classrooms should be a safe-haven for kids to escape from their home troubles, make friends, and get an education.   Bullying cannot be fully prevented, because it is hard to control what kids are viewing and involving themselves in on the internet. It is good to set parental controls on devices and have an idea of what they are interested in so you can try and monitor what they view. Having an open and honest relationship with your kids will make them feel more comfortable confronting you about bullying or being bullied as well. Kids are influenced by music, movies, shows, and social interactions on social media all of which idolize violence, drugs, drinking, and disrespect. Don’t get me wrong, I watch and listen to those things too. As an adult though, I know the difference between simply liking a song or liking a song and thinking that I should be acting on it. Kids are more impressionable.  



Kids can be jealous of another’s clothes, family, or money; they can have insecurities; or have been brought up in an abusive household. There is never just one reason as to why people feel like bullying others is okay. You see a lot of body shaming as well when it comes to girls; if they do not look like the celebrities, then they are ugly. That is not okay. Easier said than done, but more girls and women need to complement each other, instead of bringing each other down. Older women always say that they get the most compliments when they are in the public bathroom during a night out. I must say this is completely true. I have found myself giving and receiving compliments more often than not in the bathroom. I am not sure if it’s the drinks that are flowing or the confidence one might have from feeling pretty and dressed up, but that is how we should be towards each other all the time.   Bullying is not just something that happens with kids but as we can see adults too. I think it is very important to recognize that bullying starts at a young age and find ways to teach kids how to express themselves in other ways. There have been too many cases where a child commits suicide because the bullying became too much. Prevention can start at home. If you have young kids, then you can think about your behaviors at home. Think about how they mimic everything that you do or say. Light hearted teasing could often-times be offensive. Everyone’s perceptions of what is hurtful is different, so it is good to teach kids and even adults to be mindful. If you have any questions about bullying or feel like you have a case please feel free to call us!   For more information and ways to prevent bullying visit


Written by Mairim Zalez (FL License Pending)

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Say What?!

Posted September 19, 2017Blog

Hey there! How are you? What do you do for a living? Where are you from? Just kidding. You don’t have to answer those, but we are excited that you visited our page. We are a small law firm in West...

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