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Florida criminal trial procedure

Florida Criminal trial procedure

Most trials follow a basic procedural format in Florida. The procedure includes:

· Opening Statements

Both parties may make an opening statement. The opening argument (note I call it an argument, not a statement) is the defense's first opportunity to tell the client's story, coupled with the theme of the case and ask for a not guilty verdict.

· State’s Case

The state presents its case first. This will can consist of witness testimony, photos, video, 911 calls, and physical evidence. The defense cross examines witnesses.

· Defense Case

The defense has no burden of proof in a criminal case. The defense many times does not put on a case. However, a defendant may present his case and he himself may be a witness at the trial. However, he may choose not to testify. The prosecutor is not allowed to comment on this decision.

· Rebuttal of the State

The state may present rebuttal testimony based solely on the issues the defense presented in its case.

· Charge Conference

This conference is held prior to closing arguments to determine jury instructions. Many times I ask for special jury instructions. The 4th DCA in an opinion stated that my special jury instruction for drug cases (constructive possession) was proper and should have been granted. They reversed the conviction because of that. Also, the 4th district court of appeals recommended that my special jury instruction be included in the new standard criminal jury instructions for Florida.

· Closing Arguments

The prosecuting attorney presents a closing argument; then, the defense will respond. Then, the prosecuting attorney may reply in rebuttal. The government gets the “sandwich” as it is called.


Verdict is read by the clerk.  




"Law is not black and white, it's Grey"

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