Law is not black or white, it's grey


Do I Need a Lawyer To Help Me With My Accident Case?


You may not need a lawyer if you're in an accident.  This is contrary to what you may read or hear from other injury attorneys.

Most cases that involve medical bills of only a thousand to two thousand dollars probably don't require a lawyer.  You may be better off negotiating with the insurance adjuster yourself if you have a small claim. 

You will have a hard time finding any reputable personal injury lawyer to represent you if you have such a small claim.  However, if your medical bills are more than a couple thousand dollars, you may be better off hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you.  

Generally, most accident victims recover more money for their injuries with a lawyer.  The Insurance Research Council (a non-profit organization supported by the insurance industry) conducted a study to determine if accident victims get more money when they have a lawyer.  On average, accident victims who used a lawyer got 3 ½ times as much money in settlements than if they represented themselves.



“Law is not black or white, it's Grey”

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