Law is not black or white, it's grey


Doctor Representation

Doctor Representation

Lawyer for doctors charged with DOAH complaints & criminal charges

As a doctor (physician as some like to be called), your license to practice medicine is valuable to you.  You have worked your entire life to get your medical license.  You don't want anyone to take it away now.

A complaint from the Florida department of health jeopordizes your ability to make money for you and your family.  The public has access to all disciplinary records.  Even if your license is suspended temporarily, you will have a tough time getting a job anywhere with a less than perfect record.

When the Florida department of health steps in, you need the right lawyer to help you protect your medical license.   

Allegations against a doctor by the Florida department of health may be false allegations.  Some may be true.

While a complaint from the department jeopordizes your money, criminal charges jepordize your freedom.  Parallel criminal charges can be filed by the state of Florida or by Federal prosecutors.  Some possible charges are trafficking in controlled substances, medicare fraud, medicaid fraud, billing for services not rendered and murder (first degree murder by distribution of drugs).  See my website under Violence, first degree murder, for more information specifically relating to murder charges that doctors face when overprescribing pills.

In addition to first degree murder, I have tried cases against the lawyers at the Florida department of health. An administrative law judge oversees the cases.  Sometimes, the lawyers for the department will come to the county where the doctor resides and the trial will take place via videoconference with the judge in Tallahassee.

I've appeared before the Florida Board of medicine on behalf of a Florida doctor, M.D. and a chiropractor.  Common issues with doctors involve deviating from the standard of care, malpractice, over-prescribing controlled substances, not keeping or maintaining legible and complete records, fraud, whether it be Medicaid or Medicare fraud, other insurance fraud like billing for services not rendered.

Don't let them take your license without a fight. 


"Law is not black and white, it's Grey"


Board certified criminal trial lawyer Grey Tesh represents doctors accused of over prescribing controlled substances, falling below the standard of care, meidcaid fraud and medicaire fraud all across Florida.  A criminal lawyer with department of health trial experience based out of West Palm Beach, Grey has satellite offices in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Estero, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida.