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Illegal entry or attempted entry by an alien

Federal Illegal entry by an alien case dismissed

US v. Blanc Augustin, 19-8274-DLB

This morning, August 14, 2019, the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida dismissed the criminal case against my client, Blanc Augustin.  It is not often that you get a dismissal in federal court.  Happy for my client.  The facts:

On July 3, 2019, US border patrol officers, along with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office marine enforcement unit, intercepted a  boat approximately 10 miles east of Delray Beach, within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of United States. 

The boat carried 16 passengers, which included one Bahamian national who was identified as the boat captain, a Dominican Republic national, and 14 Haitian nationals. They were brought to the US Coast Guard Station in Lake Worth Florida.

A homeland security investigations agent advised my client of his Miranda rights and he agreed to provide a recorded statement. My client stated he has a cousin who lives in the United States. He started this trip about three months ago by leaving Haiti.  He traveled to Freeport, Bahamas. My client admitted he did not have permission nor any documents to enter the United States and then he knew that these documents are required to enter the United States. My client identified a photograph of the boat captain and smuggler. Further review of my client’s immigration record confirmed he is not authorized to enter or be present in the United States lawfully. My client admitted that he entered or attempted to enter the United States at a time and place other than as designated by immigration officers.

Still got the case dismissed. 

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