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Nursing Home Neglect

Elderly abuse in nursing homes or private facilities has become a significant social problem. We are here to help victims and their families seek the maximum compensation. We want to help you hold the party who was negligent or intentional with their actions financially accountable.

Roughly more than 2 million cases of elder abuse from licensed care facilities across the United States are reported every year. Nursing home neglect falls under the legal classification of medical malpractice.

Signs that point to possible elder abuse are: bed sores; wrong medications being administered; resident on resident abuse; not meeting the patients' unique care needs; health care violation citations; abrasions that look like rope lesions; unexplained injuries; unexplained burns; bad hygiene; dehydration and inappropriate dress for the specific time of year.

You can find elder abuse in the form of sexual, emotional, or physical abuse or neglect. With sexual abuse, the victims are usually being victimized by employees of the facility or other patients. Most of the victims tend to have mental disabilities and are being taken advantage of. Indicators for this type of action are bruises on the body, bleeding in private areas, not being able to sit or walk properly, and inappropriate relationships between the caregiver and patient. Physical abuse is the most common form. Indicators along with those mentioned above are inappropriate use of restraint, battery, or assault. Emotional abuse often gets overlooked. Indicators can be difficulty sleeping, confusion, depression, and isolation.

Most nursing home abuse cases end in settlement or trial verdict. Our firm offers you and your family a confidential free evaluation to see if we can help you.

Typically, after we do an initial evaluation, we first investigate the facts to determine the severity of the situation. Then, we draft a demand for money. If they pay, that is the end of the case. If they don’t, we sue them. We file and serve a complaint and demand discovery. We start the negotiation process, and then we either agree on a settlement amount or go to trial. Trial can be lengthy and can require expert testimony and countless hours of investigation, but we are prepared to go the distance to bring justice to the victims that have suffered.

Anger may be the first emotion that you feel when you discover the possible abuse of your family member, which is understandably so. That anger then turns into fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the possible loss of your family member. Fear of not being able to be by their side.

Let us help. We will be there for you and your loved ones every step of the way and try to alleviate some of your fear.

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